PowerWash University

201: Building on the Fundamentals of Power Washing (PW-201)

This PowerWash University course builds on PowerWash 101 by introducing hot-water power washing theory and techniques, as well as discussing ancillary equipment, important accessories, and specialty nozzles. Additional discussion covers chemical applications, compares truck versus trailer setups, and explores the collection and handling of wastewater. A glossary of common terms is also included. With PowerWash 102, students continue the journey toward becoming expert power washers.
  • Prerequisite
  • Terms of Service- TOS 17_0321 v1.pdf
  • Introduction
  • PW102.01.M- Course Introduction
  • PW102.01.V- Course Introduction Video
  • PW102-01.R- Course Introduction Review Quiz
  • Power Washing with hot water
  • PW102.02.M- Hot Water
  • PW102.02.V- Hot Water Video
  • PW102.02.R- Hot Water Review Quiz
  • Professional Hose Reels
  • PW102.03.M- Professional Hose Reels
  • PW102.03.V- Professional Hose Reel Video
  • PW102.03.R- Professional Hose Reel Review Quiz
  • Surface Cleaners
  • PW102.04.M- Surface Cleaners
  • PW102.04.V- Surface Cleaners Video
  • PW102.04.R- Surface Cleaner Review Quiz
  • Other Accessories
  • PW102.05.M- Other Accessories
  • PW102.05.V- Other Accessories Video
  • PW102.05.R- Other Accessories Review Quiz
  • Specialty Nozzles
  • PW102.06.M- Specialty Nozzles
  • PW102.06.V- Specialty Nozzles Video
  • PW102.06.R- Specialty Nozzles Review Quiz
  • Chemical Application
  • PW102.07.M- Chemical Application
  • PW102.07.V- Chemical Application Video
  • PW102.07.R- Chemical Application Review Quiz
  • Truck or Trailer Setup
  • PW102.08.M- Trucks and Trailers
  • PW102.08.V- Trucks and Trailers Video
  • PW102.08.R- Truck and Trailer Review Quiz
  • Wash Water Recovery Vacuum Systems
  • PW102.09.M- Wash Water Recovery
  • PW102.09.V- Wash Water Recovery
  • PW102.09.R- Wash Water Recovery Review Quiz
  • Conclusion
  • PW102.10.M.C- Conclusion
  • PW102.10.M.G- Glossary
  • PW102.10.V- Conclusion Video
  • Final Exam
  • PW102.11- PowerWash 102 Final Exam
  • Survey
  • PW102 Survey
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed